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Business formation and entity structuring are important steps for an entrepreneur or collaborative investors. The form that you decide to use for a business can have a significant impact on your profits, liabilities and growth potential.

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The business formation attorneys at Denver’s Scheid Cleveland, LLC work with individuals seeking to establish a business entity and provide them information regarding the legal consequences of various entity formations, including taxes, the ability to take distributions, and personal liability.  

Our expertise in the various types of businesses will assist you in deciding what type of business works best for your start-up venture, and how you can make changes in your businesses’ owners as your business grows.

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Our knowledge of business formation and planning comes from years of working closely with businesses, enabling us to determine the right way to structure one’s business from the outset. We help our clients form their initial enterprises, putting in place structures that promote orderly governance from the very beginning. Our attorneys provide advice on contract, employment law, and other business law issues your company will come across.

From the outset of any business, having accurate and complete information upon which to base your decisions is paramount. The selection of the legal form your business will take is one of the first of your important business decisions. Weigh your options based upon the information our attorneys can provide.

Growing and expanding businesses deal with a variety of complexities in the law. Our attorneys assist businesses in resolving complicated business matters at the outset of formation, during business growth and recession periods, and upon the dissolution of the business entity.

Areas of Business Formation in Colorado

Contact the best business attorneys Denver, CO uses for more information about our practice. We can assist you with any of the following business matters:

  • Entity Formation:  C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC (limited liability company) Partnerships (General and Limited) Sole Proprietorship
  • Corporate bylaws, LLC operating agreements, partnership agreements
  • Non-Profit formation and operations
  • Subsidiary business formations
  • Joint ventures
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Employment law
  • Business representation
  • Employment contracts

For more information about our firm and services, or to speak with an experienced lawyer, contact Scheid Cleveland, LLC.

Helping Your Business Succeed

Whether you are interested in forming a new business, seeking to make organizational change, branching into new territory with a joint venture partner, or dissolving a partnership or older business entity, our attorneys can provide you with the legal guidance and assistance you need to successfully accomplish your goals. Find out why we are among the top business formation attorneys Colorado has to offer.

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