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Collecting overdue debts from those who owe money is not an easy task. Usually, to be able to actually recover money from a debtor who refuses to pay requires immediate legal action with the assistance of experienced creditors’ rights legal counsel. And of course, if the debtor doesn’t possess sufficient funds, or has lost the ability to follow through on a current payment or installment plan, creditors are forced to seek a judgment in court to collect what is owed from the debtor’s existing non-exempt assets.

At Scheid Cleveland, LLC, we are experienced in assisting individuals and businesses in the pursuit of debt recovery for losses resulting from bankruptcy or a default.

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Creditors' Rights & Remedies

Creditors are afforded protections to ensure that they can recover losses sustained by the failure to repay debt. Our attorneys are experienced in directing proper and effective actions to recuperate lost investments, funds, or assets resulting from a bankruptcy or default. Whether you are seeking a remedial measure such as the foreclosure of retail or commercial real estate, advocacy in a bankruptcy proceeding, or the pursuit of a debtor for default, we will explore your legal options and alternatives to secure your rights.

Our attorneys offer efficient, effective, and strategic representation. Our firm is lauded for our consistent and continuing success in the advocacy for our creditor clients. In the event that we cannot negotiate and settle in your favor, we are prepared to take any case to trial.

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We can assist you with all of the following:

  • Creditor rights
  • Collection
  • Foreclosure proceedings
  • Fraudulent conveyance
  • Recovery of secured goods
  • Contract disputes
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