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Welcome to our esteemed Denver law firm, known for its exceptional expertise in contract law. Our specialized team is skilled in everything from negotiating and creating contracts to resolving disputes. We’re here to be your trusted personal contract lawyers. Our main goal is to create contracts that are legally strong and protect your interests. We’re dedicated to upholding our reputation for careful contract attorney work. Our focus is on providing legal solutions that lead to favorable outcomes.

When you choose us, you’re selecting a team dedicated to your success, armed with a profound understanding of contract law, and securing your best interests. With a long-standing reputation for excellence, our Denver law firm stands ready to assist you with all your contract needs.

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Contract law exists to enable businesses to enter into agreements in which both parties feel that they are understood and their rights protected. However, business disputes can and many times do arise between parties who have entered into an agreement, despite how clear they believed the agreement was to start, and despite the apparent goodwill of both parties.

Whether you are seeking to pursue a breach of contract action against another or you find that you yourself are accused of such a breach, you need an attorney with sophisticated and complex contract dispute experience. You can trust our team of attorneys, who excel in contract litigation and are skilled at handling contract disputes.

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When it comes to Colorado contract disputes and negotiations, our staff offers unparalleled experience to Denver locals searching for a contract attorney. We help you negotiate and finalize all types of contracts, including contracts you use with your clients, contracts you use with your vendors and subcontractors, employment agreements, real property purchases and leases, and contracts for business mergers, acquisitions, sales and changes in business ownership.

Our contract dispute lawyers and contract review lawyers are well-versed in the particulars of Colorado contract law, so each of our clients can expect comprehensive and expert representation.

Issues are often complex and the emotions of the parties can act to complicate matters further. Let the experienced Denver-area contract dispute lawyers at Scheid Cleveland, LLC help you sort through the issues and work toward an appropriate resolution.

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We are experienced advocates who pursue and defend breach of contract claims of all types involving business asset sales, non-compete agreements, employment contracts, and many other business related disputes.

Contact Scheid Cleveland, LLC for more information about contract dispute representation. Serving all of Colorado, our attorneys are experienced with an extremely broad range of contract matters, including:

  • Contract Negotiation and Formation
  • Contracts for Real Property (purchases and leases, commercial and residential)
  • Breach of contracts and agreements
  • Breaches in the context of tort claims
  • Employment contracts: non-compete agreements, employment terms, confidentiality agreements
  • Failure to pay amounts due under Promissory Notes
  • Licensing, trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks
  • Breach defense
  • Business representation
Many contract disputes arise in the context of other areas of law including tort claims, which can further complicate dealings and can seem to be obstacles to a swift resolution. The Colorado contract dispute lawyers at Scheid Cleveland, LLC are equipped to handle a range of contract dispute cases arising in any legal setting.
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